"Echoes of the Soul" is the genesis of eleven instrumental pieces which have been over fifteen years in the making. Mr. Keeve has studied music seriously since the age of five, and his piano ability enabled him to win many National Merit competitions and other awards. When he entered UCLA, he decided to not go into performance, but chose music composition instead. Friends and family have been urging Mr. Keeve for many years to record his improvised piano pieces, that were more than relaxation pieces or meditation pieces, but a transformational way for Mr. Keeve (and hopefully those listening) to connect with his or her inner/higher self. All, except two, of these pieces are improvised. Mr. Keeve has the extraordinary ability to spontaneously create beautiful piano music from an idea, an image, or a theme. On this CD, Mr. Keeve is joined by three gifted professional musicians--Diane Hsu, flautist; Vanessa Brown, percussionist; and Jimmy Street, saxophonist.

The pieces are connected by 'bridges'--earth, wind, air, fire, and even space effects. This CD took a year to complete--from the initial recording, to the editing and adding in the effects. Whether to soothe the listener caught in a traffic jam and city madness, to enhance prayer and meditation, to enliven one's own creativity, or just to enjoy for the sake of listening pleasure--this eclectic collection of instrumental pieces provides spiritual up-liftment and enough inspiration and tranquility to soothe the soul.