Keeve Productions was formed in 1996 to help Mr. Keeve realize his vision of producing, directing and writing quality films. This vision has taken the company to a point where he has been able to manifest his dreams as filmmaker. It was in December 1995, that Mr. Keeve began a seven-year journey as a filmmaker that was to change his life. It was his passion for acting, and the desire that his then 90-year-old acting teacher, George Shdanoff, who had trained the legendary stars of Hollywood, not be forgotten. George's almost hundred year odyssey through revolution and war, and a profound 25-year personal and professional relationship with Michael Chekhov, mirrored Mr. Keeve's seven-year journey in making this film: From Russia to Hollywood: The 100-Year Odyssey of Chekhov and Shdanoff

Mr. Keeve has had the honor of working with and directing some of the most legendary stars of Hollywood: Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn, Jack Palance, Patricia Neal, Leslie Caron, Robert Stack, Lloyd Bridges, Sharon Gless and many other notable actors and directors. Mr. Keeve's passion resulted in over seven-years of filming more than two hundred hours of material, one year of editing, the compilation of over 50 classic film clips, and working with a talented group of cameramen, editors and producers. This critically lauded film passes on the legacy of Hollywood. This is the last film of not only of Gregory Peck, but also Robert Stack, Lloyd Bridges, Anthony Quinn, Beatrice Straight, and many other notable actors.

Mr. Keeve not only learned to become a filmmaker through hands-on experience, but also began to develop projects, working with bestselling writers such as T. Jefferson Parker and Bill Granger. In 1998, Mr. Keeve brought his producing, directing and writing skills to a documentary entitled Maxine Waters EPC , starring William Allen Young. Maxine Waters EPC told the story of a school in South Central and was well received on many cable channels. In 2002, Mr. Keeve produced a period drama entitled Florida City , starring Zen Gesner, Jeanette Arnette and Morgan Sheppard. Keeve Productions has teamed with Sonny Ritscher who works at Warner Bros., forming Letters from Heaven, LLC, developing a dynamic slate of films that includes:  a metaphysical love story, Letters from Heaven, a romantic dramatic comedy, Born to be Together, an incredible true-life drama Second Chance, a serious family drama, Designated Caretaker, a horror/suspense film entitled, Vine, and others listed in upcoming film projects.  

Current film projects include:  

Letters from Heaven, a metaphysical love story.  A self-destructive writer, Taylor Vail, gets stranded in a small southwestern town and falls in love with a beautiful widow, Jenni Anderson, and bonds with her young son.  Taylor soon discovers that the ghost of Jenni’s dead husband is trying to communicate with her through his writing.    

Second Chance, a drama based on a true story about a man who almost dies because of doctors’ prescribing the wrong combinations of prescription drugs.  He fights his way back to health, takes the pharmaceutical companies to court and wins.  

Born to be Together, a romantic dramatic comedy inspired by a true story about a love that is so powerful and strong that it defies all conventional rationality and common sense.

Designated Caretaker, a family drama about a high school drama teacher coming to grips with the fact that as a result of his obsession with completing a film about the great actor/artist Michael Chekhov, he is losing touch with his family and perhaps his sanity in the process.

Vengeance Comes, a vampire fantasy-adventure-love story that involves an epic battle between good vampires, lycans (werewolves) and humans against a demon army led by Element, Queen of the Demon Vampires